Pet Breavement Counselling Services
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Counselling Services

Losing a much loved Pet for whatever reason can be overwhelming.  Grief  can cause emotions to surface that are difficult to face alone.  Sadness, Anger and Guilt are often associated with the loss of a pet.  Questions such as  “did I do enough”, “did I try hard enough” often distress us and make us question our own good intentions and sound judgements.

It is at this point that it can be helpful to get some counselling support.  Some people worry about needing emotional support – “will other people think I’m mad if I see a counsellor?” “am I being a bit ridiculous, after all it’s only a dog?’.  Well, I don’t think you are mad and actually “only a dog?” I don’t think so!  

Our pets are often the only place we get totally unconditional love. They are there for us day in and day out regardless of how we are feeling.  All they want is to share our lives giving us so much more companionship and love than we often realise until we lose them – how could losing them not cause enormous sadness.


The Greatest Glory in Living lies not in Never Falling, but in Rising Every Time we Fall.
― Nelson Mandela