Pet Breavement Counselling Services
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Veterinary Professionals

Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses are highly trained and competent professionals who have a passion for animals and are often naturally compassionate towards animals and pet owners.  

Dealing with highly distressed and emotional pet owners is undoubtedly an emotional and stressful part of the job.  Having the skills necessary to support pet owners and help their own colleagues through these difficult situations can undoubtedly enhance professional practice and working relationships, which in turn will help reduce work related stress.

Working with the College of Animal Welfare I am delighted to have developed Continuous Professional Development courses in Counselling Skills for Veterinary Professionals.  This is an important part of my work as it allows the skills associated with counselling to be developed for use directly with the pet owner at those critical moments when they may be shocked and distressed by the news they have just been given.

If your Practice would benefit from these skills, let’s talk about working together.
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Only a Person who Loves a Challenge would take on Patients who Can't Tell Them Where it Hurts.
― The Veterinary Life